Marble Series by Chantelle Barnard-Rance



The Funk & Wag from A to Z Mel Chin 

"A popular, vintage encyclopedia is processed to represent contradictory layers and logic of personal and public information. The images have been extracted from all twenty-five volumes of a 1953-56 Funk & Wagnall Encyclopedia and reconfigured as collages, unleashing the potentiality of images trapped by historical context. New political and psychological associations emerge in the black and white presentation that covers the walls"

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Here Be Dragons
William Gowland / Architectural Association / Diploma 4 – RIBA II / Liam Young & Kate Davies / June 2014
The world is now concealed and manipulated in ways that make answering the question of where am I an impossibility. Glitches in the big and fragile infrastructures of Global Positioning systems mean we are sometimes both here and there, as a pulsing blue dot locates us to within 500 meters. What are the implications of a navigational system based solely on the virtual?
Through jamming the GPS network, an alternative virtual topography is revealed as a territorial architecture of spoofed cartography; Emerging as a landscape that operates and exits in two parallel worlds, the physical and the virtual.
Imaginary protest icebergs drift through the autonomously navigated oil shipping lanes. We get lost in a wilderness of illegal signal jamming formations and we glimpse the faint flicker of covert militarised GPS territories, super stable under a secret sky of black satellites.
Some are landscapes of misdirection, others are navigational markers guiding one safely through unstable terrain. We now put our faith in a digital territory that is just as unknown and fallible as the physical.

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Shops, Offices and Flats, Swiss Cottage, London, UK, 1964
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Graphic designer Ross Gunter makes the case for less being more in an ongoing personal poster design series. He emphasizes a simple, standout graphic on an identical layout for a club night in London.

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Premiere: Listen: Carnivals Streams New ‘Yearn’ Track

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#bernardtschumi #red #paris #parcdelavillette #reflection #water #ripples #architecture #archiporn  (at Parc de la Villette)
#paris #bernardtschumi #parcdelavillette #red #archiporn #architecture  (at Parc de la Villette)
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